• John DeVore

    John DeVore

    Creator, Humungus. I write about movies, TV, and feelings.

  • Liam Hunter-Bailey

    Liam Hunter-Bailey

    Student | British | Travel Lover | English, French and Portuguese | liamhunterbailey@gmail.com | Join my newsletter: https://liamhunterbailey.ck.page/591ec1ec3f

  • Corrina Turner

    Corrina Turner

  • kunal acharya

    kunal acharya

  • Edward Lewis-Smith

    Edward Lewis-Smith

  • Zubaidi Jaya Putra

    Zubaidi Jaya Putra

  • Kajeetha Sarvananthan

    Kajeetha Sarvananthan

    Amateur hour | Mainstream but make it biology and socialpsych centric ✨ BSc in Molecular Genetics 🧬 Dreamer 💭 Poetry 🖋Proud Tamil Canadian 🐯🇨🇦

  • Xavier Ishmael

    Xavier Ishmael

    Hello, my name is Xavier Lewis, and I'm a writer, artists, poet, lover of Yeshua, singer, published author, fitness model, aspiring actor, and gamer(who isn't)

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